Top 10 Tips for frying a perfect steak

1. Start by removing the steak from the fridge about half an hour or so before cooking time. You’ll want the meat to be as close to room temperature as possible, so that the steak cooks evenly. Also remove the wrapping and pat the steak dry, on both sides with some kitchen paper.

2. Get yourself a Frying Pan, place on the hob and get the pan HOT.

3. While the pan is getting hot season the steak(s), on both sides, with coarse salt and crushed black pepper. In case you’re feeling adventurous, add instead some of my All Purpose Seasoning.

4. Drizzle a little Olive oil in the pan, immediately followed by the steak. You’ll want to hear the steak sizzle. No sizzle and your pan is not hot enough. As soon as the steaks hit the pan, turn down the heat to half.

5. Cook each side for 30 seconds initially. If the steak sticks to pan, leave it a little longer but no longer than one minute before turning. Once both sides are seared render the fat (if there is any) on the side of the steak just for about 30 seconds or up to a minute. Fat is good because fat has flavour, so crisp it up.

6. If you like garlic, then crush a couple of cloves with the palm of your hand and add, skin on, to the pan. This will leave a lovely aroma. Maybe add some thyme or oregano too. If you do then wait till the steak is almost done or the thyme/oregano leafs can burn (and you don’t want that).

7. Turn the steak every minute until the required temperature has been reached. You can tell if the steak is rare, medium or well done by touching and prodding the steak with your fingers. If the steak is soft to the touch, its rare. If the steak feels solid to the touch its well done. Medium is somewhere in the middle.

8. Just before removing the steak from the pan add a knob of butter (and if you like any herbs, such as thyme or oregano). As soon as the butter has melted turn off the heat. Spoon the hot butter over the steak a couple of times before removing from the pan.

9. Remove the steak, place on a cutting board or plate, loosely cover with aluminium foil (to keep warm) and then leave to rest for 5 minutes or so before cutting into the meat. This way the steak will remain as juicy as can be.

10. All that remains to be done is to enjoy!  





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