Lepinje_Balkan Flatbread

  Lepinje are small, soft, round and airy flat breads which you can find all over the Balkan, only in different countries it goes by different names.In Greece for instance, this bread is know as 'Pita' (probably the origin of the word 'pizza'). In Bosnia they call it 'Somun', in Turkey 'Pide' meaning pie, and […]

Perfect Spelt Bread

  Spelt also known as Dinkel Wheat or Hulled Wheat is a species of wheat cultivated since approximately 5000 BC. Spelt is highly nutritious and low in fat and, I think, very tasty.It may take some time to prepare but baking your own bread is absolutely worth the effort. Her are some of my other […]

Balkan Walnut Bread

  This Homemade Bread Recipe, specially created by Balkan Cook, will impress by how so many healthy ingredients mixed together can make bread not just tasty but also simple to prepare. The method described below is completely hassle free and, dare I say, fool proof.All ingredients, apart from a little the white flour (which can […]