Pork Ribs for Djurdjevdan.

  On the 6th of May people across Serbia are celebrating 'Djurdjevdan', Saint George's day. Traditionally we celebrate this day by roasting a whole pig to be shared among family and friends invited to the family *'slava'. Unfortunately, these are times spoiled by the presence of C19 and hence we were forced to celebrate without […]

Lepinje_Balkan Flatbread

  Lepinje are small, soft, round and airy flat breads which you can find all over the Balkan, only in different countries it goes by different names.In Greece for instance, this bread is know as 'Pita' (probably the origin of the word 'pizza'). In Bosnia they call it 'Somun', in Turkey 'Pide' meaning pie, and […]

Balkan Meatloaf

Meatloaf has as many identities as there are variations of this ultimate of comfort foods. In Germany they call it "Hackbraten", in Hungary people know it as "Stefánia szelet", in Cuba they named it "Pulpeta" which is similar to the Italian "Polpettone". And so the list goes on.This version of meatloaf, created by my sweet […]