Zipedidoo and fly like an Eagle

Last weekend, together with my wife and some friends, we spent some time in Zlatibor, a small town in Western Serbia. Because it’s located at an altitude of 1000m the town is frequented by visitors who seek clean air, calm and relief from the summer heat. About Zlatibor Unfortunately, the town is currently undergoing a […]

Black Garlic, White Magic

Browse the internet in search of black garlic and with each page the mystery surrounding the magic of this wonder food seems to deepen rather than unfolding. I know, because I have spent many hours, often in frustration, researching this matter. When I first heard about Black Garlic I was both astounded, given that black […]

Video_a beautiful river scene

The beautiful river Gradac near the town of Valjevo, about 90km from Belgrade. This video captures the serenity of the river while goats cross a single wooden beam that takes you to “Skok po Skok”, a little tavern where, among other delights, some of the best fresh trout in Serbia can be enjoyed. A full […]

5 best places in Serbia for roast lamb

Lamb Fresh roasted lamb, cooked super slow over charcoal and served up straight from the spit is got to be one of the best eats any time. All over the Balkan, from Slovenia to Turkey, whether you’ll find yourself in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria or North Macedonia you’ll be able to feast […]