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About Balkan Cook

Hello and welcome to all of you who have managed to stumble across my blog.

People call me Terry and that’s me, on the right

I started this project in April 2020, during the COVID19 lock down in Serbia where I now live. I am the type of person who can only read, watch and play so much, so I wanted and needed to spend my time (indoors) doing something else, something useful.

I have a passion for traveling, cooking (eating even more) and love the Balkans. So, I thought to start a website and share my experiences with whomever is interested. Hopefully one day, when you find yourself in my neck of the woods, you too can visit those beautiful places and live the experiences I talk about in my posts.

Let’s talk philosophy of food.

One of life’s greatest pleasures is eating, so I believe in properly prepared food, using the best quality, seasonal, organic if possible and the freshest ingredients only. Food should be healthy, can sometimes be naughty but must always be tasty.

I know that trends around the world encourage us to either eat outdoors or order (cooked) food in. This has a lot to do with our busy lives which, ironically, don’t allow much time for living. Still the few minutes each day we spend eating should be a few minutes of bliss.

When ingredients are sourced at markets and food is prepared at home then even the most exquisite dishes, that often demand high prices in restaurants, can be made affordable and served up just as delicious as food prepared by top chefs.

Most of my recipes are based on what people of the Balkans eat. All recipes are inspired by the food I love. Some are established dishes and to some I have given a ‘twist’ to create unique flavour components and textures. I like to accompany my recipes with a little story, a little background knowledge as well as the dish’s nutritional values and health benefits.

Love food, eat well and your body and mind will be forever grateful.

Ambar Presentation

To Travel is to feel Alive

Someone once told me; Travel at least once a year to some place you have never been. This place can be on the other side of the world or can be 5 miles from where you live. It will open and refresh the mind. Travel brings joy and discovery makes us appreciate the wonder of this planet. Above all it helps us to understand others and realize all of us are not that far apart when it comes to our aspirations and dreams.

The Balkan Peninsula is one of those places you should try to visit at least once.

Balkan Peninsula

The Balkans consist of many countries and territories where an enormous diversity of languages are spoken. Age old traditions and customs, rooted within the Balkan mentality, are as varied as the peoples that make up this peninsula.

Loutra, Kassandra, Halkidiki, Greece. One amazing place to enjoy a drink

These amazing countries are; Greece, some say the cradle of civilization itself, Serbia where I live, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Romania, and the European part of Turkey

And then the food; Visit the Balkans and you can eat something different each day for the rest of your life, even if you live to be a hundred.

One thing I love most when traveling is to explore the food markets and look for hidden gems of eateries where locals meet for their bevvies and grub.

Some of the places I mention in my blog are the Kafanas, Cafes, Bars, Street Vendors and Market stalls that I have come across on my travels.

I hope you spend some time browsing the site and welcome any comments or suggestions.

The ‘Year’ river , so called because it measures exactly 365 meters in length. You’ll find the ‘Year’ river near the River Drina in Western Serbia